Our Lake Pelham


Our hotel is directly located at Lake Pelham.
Separated only from a country road, you reach with a couple of steps the lake.
The Lake Pelham is a bog lake and one of the first local lakes you can swim

in the summer.
Because he is away from the hurly-burly of the Lake Chiemsee, you can enjoy on

our 5000 m² lawn the quietness of the lake. To get into the water you can use

the normal entrance or the wooden pier.
Find out more:
The Lake Pelham belongs to "Eggstätt Hemhof Lake District", which already

since 1939 is under conservation and counts to the oldest protected areas of Bavaria. The almost circular, flat Lake Pelham has a depth of up to 21 meters,

a length of 1200 m and a width of 800 meters. He has a total area of 71.41 acres,

with a 1.2-acre island in the north, who is not accessible.
The Lake Pelham is still in private hands.
With early registration you can purchase from the owner fishing license.
For more information about the origin of this glacial lake click here.
Water Quality:
The disctrict office of Rosenheim takes regularly water samples for analysis
and certifies the Lake Pelham for many years a "excellent water quality of the lake". 
More information on walter quality you find here.